3 of The Best Shotguns for Turkey Hunting

What should you look for in your turkey hunting shotgun? The most important thing is to find a shotgun you can shoot comfortably and accurately. there are a ton of options as far as pump, automatic, double or a single shot. A good fitting shotgun that you are comfortable with and are confident in is a great place to start.

The vast majority of turkey hunters hunt with a 12 gauge. It comes in a ton of different models and makes. Barrel length is another important decision. If you are using your shotgun for turkey hunting only, the new short barrels might be your choice. Shorter barrels make for a lighter more maneuverable gun which can be important when you are turkey hunting and doing a lot of walking around in the woods. If you plan on using your new shotgun for upland or waterfowl hunting also, a standard 28″ barrel would be a better pick for all-around use.

#1. Mossberg 535 12GA Shotgun

The Mossberg 535 is a shotgun specifically made for Turkey hunting. This shotgun comes with a 22″ turkey barrel with a ventilated rib, adjustable fiber optic sights, and an XX-Full choke. The tight choke and sights on this shotgun make it the perfect choice to take into the field this fall.

MF Shotgun 2


#2 Browning A-5 Stalker

The A-5 in my opinion is one of the best shooting guns ever made. The humpback makes them come up so nice when they reach your shoulder. using a heavier load shell leaves em dead where they stood. The  A-5 is a classic shotgun from Browning that has been knocking down Turkeys and waterfowl for well over 75 years now….and there’s a reason for that. This shotgun is one of the best all around shotguns you can buy.

MF Shotgun 3

#3 Mossberg 500 Flex

If you’re looking for a shotgun to take Turkey hunting, but also for a shotgun that can pretty much do anything, this is the gun for you. It’s always been a snap to swap Mossberg 500 barrels, and now it’s literally a snap to swap out just about everything else. From barrels to buttstocks, if you want a riot gun, a turkey gun or a slug gun, the FLEX has you covered.

MF Shotgun 2

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