Basic Pistol Class

This course is intended for people with little or no pistol shooting experience. It is an introduction to the basics of pistol shooting, including the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to shoot a handgun safely and accurately. This course is intended to teach students enough that they can make a better informed decision about handgun selection, and be able to do additional practice at local shooting ranges. This course does not fully prepare students with no shooting experience to pass the CHL shooting test, but is a good pre-requisite. With this class and a little practice you will be ready to take the CHL course soon!
On the range the instructor will combine the classroom material with live fire exercises developed to improve the students shooting. Each student will be evaluated for their understanding of grip, sight alignment, sight picture, stance, trigger control, and breath control. Each student will be required to demonstrate the proper loading, unloading and safe use for their particular firearm.
All instruction materials, range time, basic cleaning kit and targets are provided by Marksmen Firearms.
Class requirements:
  • Ear and Eye Protection
  • Baseball Cap
  • Tight Fitting Clothes (Loose clothing allows hot brass to trap itself against your body)
  • Handgun of choice .380 caliber or higher
  • Minimum 100rds of ammo
  • Suitable Range Gear (season and weather depending we shoot rain, sleet or snow)
  • Good attitude
 The cost for this class is $125 and which  includes  range fees, targets, and a cleaning kit. 
(Please note that that exact course content can and will vary depending on the skill level of the participants in the class.)