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YES, Silencers are legal.

Welcome to Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters – your trusted destination for silencers in the DFW area. Unlike other establishments, Marksmen does not operate online, rather, we invite you to visit each of our locations to make your silencer purchase. With a reputation as the leading silencer dealer in the DFW area, Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters is undoubtedly the best place to buy silencers.


Why Choose Marksmen for Silencers?

Extensive Experience:

We've been selling silencers for longer than most in the Dallas area. Over time, we've evolved into a one-stop silencer and NFA shop, with staff specializing in this niche, we've got you covered.


Efficient Processing:

With a vast inventory and the ability to draw from a massive supply of same-day serial numbers, we can often complete your silencer purchase and paperwork on the same day (subject to government processing times).


Simplified Purchasing Process:

We understand the complexities that can come with the silencer purchasing process. Thanks to our extensive volume, we offer prices as competitive as any online vendor. Our experienced team can teach you in 15 minutes what might take weeks to figure out on your own.

Why Buy Silencers at Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters?

Competitive Pricing:

Our prices are as good or better than any online vendor, and we compete daily with them.


Local Advantage:

Many online leaders are in Texas, requiring you to pay tax on your suppressor purchase. Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters offers the same competitive pricing without additional taxes.


Personalized Support:

When you buy from us, you don't have to deal with a support team over the phone. We know our silencer customers, and we take full responsibility for your process.


Secure Information Handling:

Your information stays securely in our place. There's no need for online transfers, and we can easily access your information for future purchases.


No Hidden Fees:

Unlike some other sellers, we don't nickel and dime you with paperwork fees, processing fees, transfer fees, or other unnecessary charges. Trust and photos are cost-effective, making it a one-stop process with us.


Customer-Centric Approach:

We genuinely care about your business, and your purchase matters to us. At Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, we prioritize providing the support and service you deserve.

Silencer FAQ

  • Class 3 License: There's no special license needed. You fill out the form (we do it for you), pay the tax, and wait. Each silencer requires a separate tax stamp.

  • Legality: Silencers are legal, and if you can own a pistol, you can own a silencer.

  • Versatility: Silencers can work for many guns, allowing for quieter shots and reduced recoil.

  • Government Inspection: The ATF does not randomly inspect silencer buyers; this is a misconception.

  • Silencer vs. Suppressor: Both terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

  • Attachment Methods: Silencers can attach directly to the barrel or use muzzle devices for quick detachment.

  • Wait Times: Government processing times vary, and wait times can be long. Contact Marksmen to find out the current durations.

At Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, we strive to make the process of buying silencers easy, efficient, and enjoyable. Visit our DFW locations to explore our extensive selection and experience the Marksmen difference. We're here to make your firearm experience exceptional.

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