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Sell your firearms to us!

Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, with four convenient locations in Mansfield, Wichita Falls, Killeen, and Granbury, is your premier destination for selling firearms outright. We specialize in purchasing guns of various types, whether you're looking to part ways with a single firearm or have an extensive estate collection available for sale.

As a trusted Texas gun trader, we take pride in being the top choice for selling firearms in Dallas and its surrounding areas, extending our reach to Mansfield, Wichita Falls, Killeen, and Granbury. Our process is straightforward and hassle-free, offering competitive and fair prices for your firearms.

Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters stands out as a superior option compared to other gun stores or pawn shops, with multiple locations to serve you better. We understand the value of your firearms and are committed to providing you with the best possible offer. If you happen to receive a more favorable offer from another source, simply present proof of their offer, and we will strive to match or exceed it.

Whether you're in Mansfield, Wichita Falls, Killeen, Granbury, or other surrounding areas, Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters is here to make the gun-selling process convenient and rewarding for you.


We exclusively provide firearm purchase offers through in-person evaluations

At Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, we exclusively provide firearm purchase offers through in-person evaluations, not via phone or email. This practice serves two critical purposes. Firstly, assessing the firearm's condition requires a firsthand inspection, ensuring accuracy in our appraisal. Secondly, recognizing that selling firearms is a personal transaction involving emotions and subjective opinions of value, an in-person interaction allows for the conveyance of important personal conversational characteristics such as respect, body language, and tone.

We understand that the dynamics of a financial transaction involving firearms can be highly personal, and opinions on value may differ. Conducting negotiations through email, text, or phone communication can sometimes lack the nuanced communication necessary for understanding and addressing these aspects effectively. By engaging in face-to-face interactions, we aim to demonstrate the respect our customers deserve, fostering an environment where we can arrive at a fair and mutually agreeable resolution.

While we acknowledge the financial nature of these transactions, we prioritize the interpersonal aspect, recognizing that this is more than just a business deal for many individuals. We are committed to approaching each customer with the courtesy and consideration they deserve. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to reach out day or night via email at

Why sell your guns to Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters?

Immediate Payment:
Most customers prefer to be paid for their guns today without the wait. At Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, we offer quick and efficient transactions, providing immediate payment for your firearms.

Comfort and Assistance:
Selling guns can be stressful for individuals unfamiliar with the process. We strive to make our customers comfortable by offering assistance throughout the selling journey.

Safe and Responsible Buyers:
We understand the importance of selling firearms to safe buyers. Every buyer at Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters undergoes a thorough background check, ensuring responsible firearm ownership.

Simplicity and Safety:
Unlike meeting multiple buyers in random locations, we provide a secure environment for your transactions. Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters conducts background checks on every buyer, maintaining safety and legality.

Why Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters is the Best Place to Sell Guns:

As a top Dallas gun buyer, we can complete the purchase within minutes. Selling your guns to us is a simple and efficient process, making us a preferred choice in Dallas.

We offer fair prices based on recent sales, adjusted for factors like condition and market demand. Our commitment to fairness has made us a trusted option in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Core Business:
Unlike many stores, buying guns is a core business for us. We have the expertise, resources, and permanent staff to handle large gun collections.

Immediate Funding:
Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters has the necessary funds on hand to purchase large gun collections on the spot, setting us apart from other dealers in North Texas.

Customer Loyalty:
Customers frequently return to us after trying to sell guns elsewhere, appreciating our fairness and top gun-buying offers.

How to Sell Your Guns to Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters:

Visit With ID:
Simply show up at any of our locations with a valid driver's license.

Receive Immediate Offer:
Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters will provide an on-the-spot offer and issue a check right away.

Bill of Sale and Background Checks:
We provide a bill of sale, confirming the sale to a federally licensed dealer. Additionally, we conduct background checks on every buyer, ensuring compliance with federal law.

Selling Guns on Consignment with Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters:

While we rarely buy on consignment due to customer dissatisfaction, we may consider exceedingly rare or valuable items, such as a $50,000.00 Colt Gatling gun. Consignment can pose challenges, including pricing issues, limited market reach, delayed payments, and additional fees.

At Marksmen Firearms and Outfitters, we prioritize simplicity, fairness, and customer satisfaction, providing a secure and efficient platform for selling firearms outright. Reach out to for more information.

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